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Basic Debugging Tips and Techniques
You've written some code, and it doesn't work. Worse, it crashes and you have to reboot the machine. Unfortunately, you don't know how to read assembly, what should you do? This session will go over the basics of low-level debugging with an emphasis on what to look for and when.
Keith Stattenfield

Basic Debugging: Day: Thursday Time: 1600 Length: 50 minutes; Room: Pompeii II

Creating the Winning Hack
This session will show you the kinds of hacks that win the hack contest. You'll also get pointers on how to demo your hack properly so it'll get more votes than it deserves.
Eric Shapiro

Winning Hack: Day: Thursday Time: 1200 Length: 50 minutes; Room: Pompeii III

Writing Code for Other Programmers
Techniques and "comments from experience" for writing code for other programmers to use.
Grant Neufeld

Writing Readable Code: Day: Friday Time: 1400 Length: 50 minutes; Room: Pompeii III

About this MacHack
So, what is this MacHack-thing all about? In this session we tell you what to expect from MacHack, including information about the Machine Room, events, sessions, meals and more. We'll give you numerous ideas and tips to help you get the most from your MacHack experience.
Eric Gundrum and other MacHack Veterans

About this MacHack: Day: Wednesday Time: 2200 Length: 50 minutes; Room: Venice

Writing Macintosh Applications in Java
Java has some cool features as a programming language, but everybody seems to be focused on writing applets. Can you write Macintosh applications in Java? I'll share what I've found out trying to do this over the last few months. General topics include some Java programming tips, an overview of Java development tools and runtime environments, and writing simple native methods.
Michael J. Webb

Java Apps: Day: Friday Time: 1100 Length: 50 minutes; Room: Rome

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