The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers
June 17-21, 1998
Dearborn, Michigan

MacHack Sessions

This is a preliminary list of sessions. More information will be posted as soon as availiable. Please refer to the Call For Speakers for more information.

Completion Routine Chaining Made Easy (well, easier) Tom Lippincott & Jason Proctor Advanced Topics
Implementing Fast Threads with Callbacks Jonathan Rentzsch Advanced Topics
Introduction to Mozilla Build Environment Netscape Employees Advanced Topics
MacCVS Pro -- source control made easy Netscape Employees Advanced Topics
Navigation Services Andy Bachorski Advanced Topics
Netscape: Electrical Fire (a modern JIT for Java) Netscape Employees Advanced Topics
Netscape: RDF and Aurora Netscape Employees Advanced Topics
Unannounced Apple Technologies 101 Keith Stattenfield Advanced Topics
A Linux Introduction and Installation Jeff Carr Alternative Platforms
A Mac developers introduction to MFC using VC++ 5.0 Michael Rutman Alternative Platforms
Hacking Linux on your Macintosh Jeff Carr Alternative Platforms
Intro to Windows Development for Macintosh Programmers Leonard Rosenthal Alternative Platforms
PalmPilot Programming 101 Eric Shapiro Alternative Platforms
PowerPlant and the Std. C++ Library: Darin Returns to the Mac after 6 years with Magic Cap Darin Adler Alternative Platforms
System 7: 7 Years Later Greg Marriot Alternative Platforms
Web Futures: XML, WebDAV, RDF, Etc. Leonard Rosenthal Alternative Platforms
AE 101: Apple Events & Scripting Overview Cal Simone Apple Events & Scripting
AE 102: Scripting Terminology Defined Cal Simone Apple Events & Scripting
AE 103: IAC Demystified Cal Simone Apple Events & Scripting
AE 104: Understanding AppleEvent Object Resolution Olof Hellman Apple Events & Scripting
AE 105: Attaching & Embedding OSA Scripts Cal Simone Apple Events & Scripting
AE 106: Advanced Apple Events [Cal & Andy B] Cal Simone Apple Events & Scripting
Bandwidth for nothing and a Mac for free Warren Magnus Business Topics
MacTech Magazine: Where we're going and how you can help MacTech Editors Business Topics
Resume Writing & Interview Tips: Round Table Tracy Lebel Business Topics
Advanced Standard Template Libraries Jon Kalb Development Tools
Intro to Standard Template Libraries Jon Kalb Development Tools
Metrowerks Developer Feedback Metrowerks Engineers Development Tools
Metrowerks Tools and Future Strategy Metrowerks Engineers Development Tools
Object Modelling with ObjectPlant Grant Neufeld Development Tools
PowerPlant by Metrowerks Metrowerks Engineers Development Tools
Basic Debugging Tips & Techniques Michael Rutman Getting Started
Creating the Winning Hack Eric Shapiro Getting Started
Welcome to MacHack! Eric Gundrum Getting Started
PowerPC™ and AltiVec™ Technology Alex Rosenberg Hardware
Andrew Donoho's First Java Session Andrew Donoho Java
Andrew Donoho's Second Java Session Andrew Donoho Java
Netscape's Open Java Interface (OJI) Netscape Employees Java
Why Java Sucks Mike Webb Java
Apple Security Services Tom Weyer and Mike Barnick Networking
Exploring the Open Transport Kernel Quinn "The Eskimo" Networking
NSL Apple Computer, Inc. Networking
The architecture of a (free!) scripting environment for developing interactive web sites. Reginald Braithwaite-Lee Networking
Unlocking the Mac with Keychain Services Apple Computer, Inc. Networking
URLAccess: One Step Internet Programming with SubWoofer Apple Computer,Inc. Networking
What's New in Open Transport Richard Ford Networking
Apple Developer Feedback Apple Computer, Inc. Round Table Discussions
Distributed Computing Round Table Grant Neufeld Round Table Discussions
Kids in the Home Office Michael Rutman Round Table Discussions
MacHack Programming Contest: Introduction Peter N. Lewis & Bob Boonstra [unspecified]
MacHack Programming Contest Peter N. Lewis & Bob Boonstra [unspecified]

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