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MacHack XI

Welcome to the MacHack home page. This document is designed as the jumping off point for more information on MacHack 96 : The 11th Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers. Currently, we're still in the planning stages, but watch this page for further updates.

MacHack Top Issues

At the 1995 MacHack "Bash Apple" session, a list of 70 issues were compiled, attendees then voted on these issues, and Apple agreed to respond to the top 10 of these issues. This list became the MacHack Top Issues List.

Points of Interest

Here are some points of interest you might be interested in. Each link is followed by the latest update for the document it points to.

Additional Resources

You can join the internet mailing list for MacHack by sending a message with the message content "SUBSCRIBE MACHACK-L" to Then whenever a mailing on MacHack is going out, you will automatically receive it electronically.

Other MacHack Items

We hope to be putting together more MacHack resources in the near future, such as the MacHack Book of Knowledge, a page of links dedicated to useful programming information & resources for the MacHack style personality.

The Weasel Words Section

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