MacHack 17: June 20-22, 2002

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Volunteer for MacHack 2002

If you missed the student registration opportunity or can't afford full registration, you can still attend MacHack. Volunteer! Volunteers are the lifeblood of the conference. They make things run. For details use this form.

Student Registration Full

It's happened again. We've filled the available student registration slots. Sorry gang, no more of the $50 bargain matinee.

Papers Finalists Announced

The papers selection committee is pleased to announce this years paper finalists. The following authors will compete for the "Best Paper" award and will present their paper at a conference session. The papers will also be published in the conference proceedings.

Finally, A Keynote!

The committee is pleased to announce the keynote for this years' conference. Tim O'Reilly, internet pioneer and thinker will be appearing bringing his unique insight into the software industry. O'Reilly is also of course known for his publishing firm, O'Reilly and Associates.

Be sure to register.

More Sponsors

More sponsors have joined MacHack 17. Be sure and check them out on the sponsors page. If you are interested in sponsoring contact our sponsors chair.

Call for Speakers

With all the changes taking place in the computing landscape from OSX to iPod and new hardware, it's time to start thinking about the sessions for MacHack 17. Prospective speakers are invited to submit proposals for any of the conference tracks.

Session proposals are required by February 1, 2002. Submit your ideas, outlines and proposals to We will work with you to refine your idea if necessary, and develop a proposal. Speakers will be notified once their proposals are accepted.

Online Registration Open

It's here. Our online, secure server is now open for business. Registration rates are $425 for regular attendees through Feb. 28, 2002. Student registation is as always $50 but limited to the first 50 registrants. See our registration page for details.

Dates Announced!

Well, Apple has done their thing and released MacOS 10.1 and we're ready with an announcement of our own. MacHack 17 will take place in the usual place (ie. Dearborn, MI) on June 20-22, 2002. Online registration is coming soon as well as other great conference news.

Hack CDs Available for Purchase

Thanks to the good folks at eSellerate, the MacHack CD is available for purchase. It contains all the choicest bits of the hack show as well as other goodies. Read the press release here.


Security Notice: The purchase page is secure from the point that you enter purchasing information on. If you have problems, make sure that the purchase page has openned in a new window.

Warning: MindVision, esellerate, MacHack, and The MacHax Group assume no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of the CD-ROM, nor what happens to any machine on which any hacks are installed. Hacks are NOT warranted in any way, and crashes, data loss, and other unpleasant side effects may very well result from their use. Some individual authors may support their hacks, though they are under absolutely no obligation to do so. The hacks are raw code written for the Hack Show and therefore cannot be guaranteed to function for any particular purpose on any particular machine. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for any havoc, data loss or civil unrest that may occur as a result of installing and/or using the hacks.

Hack on!

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